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Some thoughts on CrossFit

CrossFit is a very prominent fitness trend that continues to grow in popularity. CrossFit workouts of the day include exercises with high power outputs, multi-joint compound exercises, gymnastic bodyweight moves, and minimal rest periods (Smith, Sommer, Starkoff, & Devor, 2013). I conceptualize CrossFit as a sport and not as a progressive exercise training program. CrossFit is an intense physical activity, that has helped some people improve their function and health, but it does not necessarily follow exercise science principles and may have an unseemly high rate of injury compared to safe fitness programs.

CrossFit can help people improve their fitness level. Smith et al. (2013) found significant increases in VO2 max and improvements in body composition over a 10 week period. Strength performance was found to have increased in the exercises of pushups, squats, sit-ups, deadlifts, and military presses (Knapik, 2015). CrossFit can yield positive fitness results for some clients.