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Don't Just Take It From Me

Call me crazy, but sometimes I feel like I am saving lives. Through better fitness and healthy living choices, some of my clients have completely turned their lives around. I am always happy when my clients remember my role in getting them there. Read on and find out how I have helped others find their new healthier and happier lifestyles.


I started working with Reuben after having lost about 65 lbs through diet modifications. Reuben was able to help me keep the weight loss going to where I am now, having lost about 185 lbs. From the very beginning I was comfortable working with him. He was always conscious of what I was able to do and he always knows when I'm ready to be pushed just a little farther. I've never once worried that I was being pushed too far or that I would hurt myself. I am still surprised by what I'm able to do when I'm working out with Reuben. With his help I've drastically cut my body fat percentage, increased my strength andI started working with Reuben after having lost about 65 lbs through diet modifications. Reuben was able to help me keep the weight loss going to where I am now, having lost about 185 lbs. From the very beginning I was comfortable working with him. He was always conscious of what I was able to do and he always knows when I'm ready to be pushed just a little farther. I've never once worried that I was being pushed too far or that I would hurt myself. I am still surprised by what I'm able to do when I'm working out with Reuben. With his help I've drastically cut my body fat percentage, increased my strength and endurance, and had a blast doing it!

Phil Stanz


I have been training with Reuben for close to a year now. He is an amazing trainer and I have to say that I am in better shape than ever. I am a 52 year old mother of four children and I haven't worked out for a very long time. I decided that I needed to go back to the gym and start getting back into shape. I was extremely hesitant in getting a personal trainer. I didn't have much luck with one before. My kids really encouraged me to "go for it". So, I did. I must say that it has been one of the best things I ever did. I was given to Reuben Wouch as my personal trainer and I had nothing but success. I have lost weight and inches and my self-confidence is back. I must say that I am looking very well and the compliments I have received are endless. I can not say enough good things about
Reuben. He is a great motivator and his training sessions are never boring. He is an expert trainer and a very nice guy. I love working out and more than that I love how I feel! Thanks Reuben. I know I
couldn't have done it without you.

Eva Gilette


Over the years I have tried many different ways to get back into shape and I can definitely say that your efforts over the past year made the most impact on me personally and for my family – and positively. I appreciated your effort to make each session solid and challenging, and not repetitive and boring. Your approach was customized to my needs – core, balance and quads – and the improvement was noted by many that know me. My family will say that I looked forward to each session, where it was difficult to make such a statement in the past.

Jon Gabriel


Reuben has been my personal trainer for a year and a half now following a knee injury. The results I have achieved to date (50lbs loss) are largely due to Rueben's perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success!

Victor Milbourne


I've been training with Reuben for almost 3 years and have never been stronger or fitter. The strength I have gained has been phenomenal and I feel better and healthier than at any time I can remember. I'm down nearly 3 sizes, have more than doubled both my lower and upper body strength, and have increased my flexibility and core strength along the way. My resting heart rate dropped from over 90 when I started to under 60 now. Although my main initial goal was to improve my cardiovascular health, the strength gains and weight loss came along naturally, as well as a surge in confidence! Reuben provides the perfect combination of positive motivation and "tough love", and makes me want to try harder and challenge myself each and every session. Working out is fun and well worth the investment...frankly I can't imagine training with anyone else.

Amanda Grannas


I started training with Reuben 4 months ago, he is an awesome trainer. He has a unique combination of being tough and warm. Within 4 months of training with him, I shredded 4 inches (that's a lot considering that I am only 107 lbs.), I got stronger and the best part is... I felt good about myself. Working out with him is tough and at the same time it is fun. Bottom line is, I recommend Reuben without reservation.

Bernadette Komatick


I joined a local gym after my retirement and found it to be a very intimidating experience. Fortunately, I found an excellent trainer, Reuben Wouch. Reuben demonstrated knowledge on nutrition, human anatomy, exercise, and physical conditioning. Our scheduled sessions were always tailored to my personal needs. I appreciated his kind and friendly disposition throughout our time together. Reuben’s encouragement and expertise enabled me to become stronger, better, and more confident in the gym environment. He was so successful that I had to hire him to work with my husband and he agreed with my assessment of Reuben’s training abilities and his likable disposition. We are grateful for our experience with Reuben Wouch.

Debby Dugan


I have known Reuben for over two years. During this time, he has been my personal trainer and counselor in the area of dietary and physical well-being. Reuben listens to the needs of his clients and adheres to strict guidelines of proper form, while challenging his clients to increase their stamina and performance in exercise. His degree and background in kinesiology allows him to understand each of his clients’ body types and how each one will adapt to certain movements, maneuvers and isometrics. His combination of both weight training and cardiovascular drills allows for bodies to change and not become stagnate. As a client my personal goals for body modification have been weight-loss and muscle gain…he has helped me achieve both! On a personal note, Mr. Wouch demonstrates an extreme level of intelligence and is well versed in the area of exercise science having an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Temple University He is very personable with all clients and values diversity. I recommend him highly! -

Joe Hancock


"Yes, Reuben is the trainer you wish you had! He understands his clients and all levels of their complete path to success. He is focused, engaged, determined to help his clients reach their short term and long term goals. 21 days to make a habit! If you do them with Reuben there is no doubt you will achieve and surpass your goals. I train and have seen the results. Whatever you pay for a trainer, he is worth twice that! Plain and simple .. the Best. Feel free to ask me! Not a problem."

Mark Freels


Reuben has been awesome to work with! He is constantly challenging me to push myself outside of my comfort zone while offering words of encouragement when I’m struggling to finish my workouts. He knows his stuff and his education backs up his practice — he will help you correct your form and he shares tips and tricks to help you perform to the best of your ability. I would highly recommend working with Reuben!

Ariana Benvenuti


Reuben is the best!!! He keeps me motivated and works with me to meet my goals. He give great advice in all aspects of training!!! I always look forward to our time together and seeing awesome results!

Adrienne Johnson


Great coach!

Very knowledgeable and will adjust workouts based on your needs, helped me recover to full strength after an acl reconstruction!!

Lindsay Helphry


When I trained with Reuben I was trained to be a better wrestler, he also pushed me keep going but knew when I couldn't go on. He is every kind and light hearted and it is was honor to have him as a trainer

Imraan Ismail


Reuben is the absolute best! Not only is he an amazing personal trainer, but an equally great human being. Reuben is so down to earth, easy to work with - no matter what fitness level, and has the ability to push you in a non-threatening way to make sure you reach your full potential. I first met Reuben when I got engaged in 2013. He helped me get in the best shape - wedding dress ready :) - in just less than a year. But I honestly felt a huge difference in my strength, endurance, and weight loss after just a few sessions. Reuben listened and helped me focus on certain areas that were important for me - like my arms and stomach. Reuben also connected me with other women who were at similar fitness levels as me, and we started group training sessions that we have continued to this day. I honestly thought I would stop training after my wedding day, but Reuben's positive and motivating spirit, along with the friendships I made in our group sessions, made me want to continue. I am so glad I did. I would highly recommend Reuben to anyone - any level of fitness and any age!

Olivia Brannick


Reuben proved what it is to be a professional, developed a plan that adjusted in what I want and my health condition. In every section of training he shows his interest in meet the client's goal. How can I describe it, responsible, professional, dedicated to his career and a fine human being. Thank you friend.

Rigoberto Sanchez


My partner and I, late 50's, sought a trainer as we were locked down during COVID and unable to go to the gym. We are normally very motivated on our own and work out several times a week, therefore had never worked with a trainer, but we turned to finding one, as we realized we were losing strength and muscle mass, and our weight growing, over the months at home when the gyms were closed. We have been very happy working with Reuben and after booking an initial series of sessions at our home, we are now going to continue. He is very thoughtful and knowledgeable about the body and listens to your needs, focuses on your ability, tailors a workout that meets goals in a progressive way. He brings equipment to our house, and creates a varied workout that works muscle groups we didn't know we had and clearly weren't working well in our gym workouts. He works especially hard on the core. We are finding not only our strength and muscle tone coming back, and our weight dropping, but unexpectedly, strength and balance in everyday movements that we didn't know we needed, so we recommend him highly!

Mike Smith


Reuben is truly an excellent trainer. His workouts are well thought out and, since he pays attention to you, he knows when and how to modify an exercise to suit your goals. He's always on time, is very professional, and charges fair prices. Highly, highly recommend Reuben.

Bill Brophy


Reuben is such a great personal trainer! I like his style of training; he makes working out fun, keeps you motivated, and you get results. He's the best!!

Mandee Metzger


He provides the best service EVER! He comes to my work with all the equipment and we train. I get an awesome professional workout without the hassle of driving to a gym. Also, he is great for breastfeeding mom’s - he listens and the workouts are amazing (plus his pre and post natal certifications are amazing too).

Kate Oravitz Weeks

I care about you achieving results and hearing all about your experience. How I can help you reach your fitness goals?

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