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Add Activity while at Work

Technological advances are both a blessing and a curse. Modern society potentially ages the body faster and an inactive lifestyle potentially makes it harder to become active, forming a negative feedback loop. As technology improves, people perform less physical activity to survive, for leisure or for a job.

I like to equate physical activity and exercise with Newton’s first law, which states an object at rest and object in motion remain in their state, unless acted upon with a force great enough to overcome inertia. If a person is inactive they are a likely to stay an inactive, and if a person is active they are more likely to stay active. A recent Korean study, examining activity at a person’s occupation and physical activity found that jobs with higher levels of movement, like machine workers and fisherman, had higher levels of physical activity than more sedentary office workers and managers (So, Yoo, & Sung, 2016). The more active a person is at work the more likely they are to be active in their free time.